Sneha Sharma:It was good. helped me open up. would go home and think about what the doctor said and shall follow it . will also recommend to friends.
Meeta Singh:She is very patient, listens to issues in detail. Liked her style of interacting.She has given career options in detail.
Prerna:My experience was good. I got an idea of where I should persue my career. The goal was defined based on my skill and aptitude through a very good psychometric scale.
Sahil Anand:Very Good and impressive. She was very cordial and patience in listening. I recommend her for further consultation. n Good
Muskaan:The experience was very good.she is very cordial and have given me the career directions clearly. She is very helpful .
Amit:Very warm and one to one attention really helped a lot….being the parents we could sit and clearly put across and a feeling of content could be experienced.
Aashish Baijpai:Could have a clarity in my mind….was totally confused when had come for the first time but with the passage of time I could identify the actual glitch and work on it.
Diwakar Pratap Singh:Was very much relieved after meeting her. She showed me the right direction for life. Liked the session very much. She is very patient listener.
User:I could get multiple perspectives related to my problem….I could form a bigger goal of my life rather than just dwelling on my problems….I felt more empowered and positive and catch up easily.
Diksha Ramesh:Very good session. Too good and she showed me the directions for life and future . Will recommend further to others. Thanks
Amandeep:It was a very good session. I was listened by her patiently. Have good some strength after the session. Would recommend her further.
Moksh:Could open up with the difficulties of the child..apart from the child other issues could also be talked on…felt really nice and one to one attention could be seen.
Farhat hanif:Was a good session…many things got revealed to me in an easier way….could relate to it easily….I could get a deeper insight regarding my issues.
Garima:Could talk easily to her as I needed some clarity regarding the things I want to do……was a good experience
Was this review useful to you?
Gaurav Arora:Doctor was very patient and I could totally come out with my problems easily. Also the kind of environment that is there in the clinic made me feel comfortable and secured.
Tanjeela Iqbal:It was a great session. She was very clear and showed me the direction. I’m good after meeting her She is very cordial and good listener.
Aashish Baijpai:The experience was good and quite helpful . Came for my Bipolar disorder treatment and got good basic tips to manage at home too. Will be coming for therapy sessions.
Apoorva dixit:Very good experience. Had goal clarity.She showed me the paths to achieve the goals . Was very impressive in presentation.
Shivalika:Had a very good experience at the clinic. Have good clear thoughts for my action’s. She is very patient and listened my whole story.
MONIKA Chandra:The experience was good. She made me understand about my self which will help me for further life . Explained pros and con’s of relationship.
Gaurav JAin:She was very patient in listening. She was confident . Her line of directions were good. Overall a good experience with her.
Priyanka:Very good and cordial in nature . She made me clear about my marriage. There were lot of confusion.Enjoyed the session with her.
Siddhartha:Very good and impressive , enjoyed it . She has build up my confidence level and mad me more positive. career options given by her were very clear.
Sneha Sharma:It was good. helped me open up. would go home and think about what the doctor said and shall follow it . will also recommend to friends.
SENJUTI SENGUPTA:Very good and clear thought.Awesome feeling after meeting her.She has boosted my confidence level. Feeling very happy.
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