Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD)

It is That Condition Which Caused Paying Attention.

Hyperactivity,and impulsive behavior.It is usually detected in childhood.(age group)

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) can affect children in many ways like child thinking, feelings, and relationships with others, behavior,  performance in School.It repeatedly

into adulthood.

ADHD Treatment Include Counseling at School or home, behavior training, and medicine.The Best treatment is depend on child situations all these treatment can be done in alone or In a combinations.A doctor or a nurse can guide u as per your child situations when the treatment starts.

Symptoms of ADHD

After analysis data of 2012 from central of disease control, 11 percent of  US children have ADHD age of 4 To 17 Years.Some parents think did there child need ADHD treatment. When expert agree That if child iS not performing in workplace, relationship are bad with parents and sibling, depression.yes, in that case, child need the ADHD medication.

The symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity can be divided into two parts:

1 Hyperactivity and impulsiveness

2 inattentiveness

Most of the who all are suffering from ADHD are divided into these two categories.


The main feature of inattentiveness.

1 Keep changing task or activity.

2 Facing problem in organizing task.

3 Making mistake on the workplace -for example in school work.

4 Not able to complete the task which is time-consuming.

5 Having short attention and get easily distracted.

6 Usually, forget the thing and losing things.

7Not able to carry the instruction or not able to listen.

Hyperactivity and impulsiveness

Features of hyperactivity and impulsiveness

1 not able to concentrate on the task.

2 act without thinking.

3 interrupting the conversation.

4 talking too much.

5 excessive workout.

6 unable to sit fell restless, especially in calm or surroundings.

7 can’t wait for a long time .

8 no sense of danger.

2  Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Attention deficit hyperactivity is a problem which affects children and teens and can continue in old age also.Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a condition which is diagnosing in children as mental disorder very frequently. Children who all are suffering ADHD may be impulsive, hyperactive and unable to control and also they are facing a problem in paying attention. All these behavior can create a big problem in school and life.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder usually found in boys than in girls. It’s normally found in early school years when the child starts facing problems like paying attention at school.

ADHD in adults face problems like time managing, not able to set their goals, cannot stay in a job, also can face a problem in relationships, and addiction.

Symptoms in children

ADHD in children is categorized into three parts.


Not able to pay attention and make mistake.

Distracted very easily

Can’t follow direction or finish a task.

Face problem in organizing task on daily basis.

Not able to remember the daily task.


Always roaming here and there such as running and climbing.

Too much talkative.

Face problem in playing quietly.

Not able to stay seated.


Interrupting conversation.

Blunt answers.

Can’t wait for his or her turns.

Symptoms in adults



Having problem to control anger.

Face problem at a workplace.

Mood swings.

Relationship problem.

Low self-confidence.


Concentrating problem while reading.



Addiction like (drugs, alcohol, ).