In art therapy, children use various art supplies such as crayons or paint to draw pictures. These pictures allow the child psychologist to begin to understand the emotions and concerns affecting a child. This is done by examining the art work that is created and asking the child questions about the picture that has just been painted. The child psychologist in Noida may ask about what is happening in the picture, who the people are or how the people are feeling. The art provides the child psychologist in Noida an opening to explains the thoughts and feeling that a client is experiencing. Many people also view art as being therapeutic in itself.

This means that the actual act of creating art can help people deal with issues they are facing. Although art therapy has a number of proponents, some people have explained their concern about the idea of art itself being a healing process is a difficult concept to prove experimentally and people are left with unfeasible results.

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The Bug of research into the effectiveness of art therapy has also been a major criticism of this method. Many research has been done on art therapy but some research are mainly published in art therapy journals, reviewed by other art therapists and not in independent research journals. Child psychologist in Noida may see some recommendation through the use of art therapy but it is difficult to say that the recommendation has a result of the art therapy.

How Family Problems effects on child Psychology.

Family Therapy A child psychologist in Noida doesn’t necessarily only work with the child but may also choose to work with the family as part of the child’s treatment. The family is usually one of the most important parts of a child’s life and it is important to ensure that any family issues are dealt with in order to help the child cope with problems. In fact, some of the problems that a child or adolescent may be facing could be directly related to problems within the family so it is important for the child psychologist in Noida to address these family problems as well. An example of a family problem that can affect children is divorce.

A divorce can be a confusing time for children as they attempt to make sense of this basic changes in their living situation. Due to divorce Children can survive a grief as well as anger over the divorce. The anger may be directed at one parent or both.

How behavior Modification approach works on Girls and Boys Tendency.  

Girls have a tendency to become more withdrawn and anxious during a divorce while boys can become more disobedient and aggressive. These are all issues that a child psychologist in Noida can help children deal with so that they come to accept the divorce in a more appropriate manner.Behavior modification will usually happen when a child’s behaviour is either dangerous or extremely disruptive. The goal of therapy is to first reduce the frequency of these behaviors happening so that the child psychologist in Noida can then begin to deal with the reasons for these behaviors.

The child psychologist in Noida will usually develop a program of immediate rewards and consequences to reinforce positive behaviour and limit negative behaviour. The therapist will need to work closely with the family and the school to ensure that they know how to run the program. This will help make sure that the behaviour modification program success.

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