Educational Counselling is when a student especially, in their adolescence decides to choose a stream which can benefit him/her in a long run to get a job or a satisfactory career. For example: In Delhi/NCR, a student decides to be an engineer and for that he/she opts for science (PCM) in class XI. This is not all, even after 10+2 students get distracted in peer pressure. Sometimes there is a low confidence problem which may lead to confusion in choosing the best graduation option so that they can get good earning in their respective jobs. We can say that career development is something which is a lifelong process and can create a confusion/obstruction at any stage of your life.

Why Career Counselling?

Career counseling is important to give you a clarity about best Educational Counseling that suits you. As nowadays it’s really hard to make a choice. The choice about what you should choose in your majors for a successful career in this competitive environment. Even if we talk about engineering we have multiple choices like Civil, Computer Science, Mechanical, Electronics etc. Now, this creates a confusion and pressure. But if we look at these alternatives carefully and study them, there are several advantages and disadvantages. Now, in such pressure sometimes we fail to analyze and make a right choice.Therefore, we need some guidance to get it through.

Dr.Priyanka Srivastava is the best education/career counselor in Noida/Delhi. She can guide you for the best career development. Dr. Priyanka can be the one with whom you can talk freely about your choices, thoughts, and feelings regarding your career choices. She will guide you regarding the options which are available around you in Delhi/NCR. The counselor may also guide you to organize the alternatives and how you can proceed. She may also guide you with the available resources. By these resources, you can improve your skills so that you can achieve your goal faster.