What is Child Counseling?

child counselor in NoidaChild counseling is about the mental health of children. A child suffers from a mental disorder problem. Every time children feel stressful and not behave with the other as a normal. And nowadays this is a big issue with the children. When these children grew-up, doesn’t hold a balanced state of mind and healthy personality might change in perception, attitude, behavior, and learning etc. They mostly suffer from psychological problems like- low self-esteem, stress, depression, anxiety disorder, dementia and many more. Children whose behaviors are potentially life-threatening. A Child Counselor in Noida specifies the expertise to make a strategy to deal with the issue of your child. Where our expertise judges each and every child on basis of his answers and reaction.

Things you should know about your Child

There are three things i.e. ID, Ego, Super Ego. Children’s basically come under the first stage i.e. ID. In this stage child having an unconscious mind, it means children have not too much capacity of thinking, or not explore you in front of parents. These three stages are coming under psychological theories. Where Child Counselor in Noida expertise learned what issues arising in front of today children? Because of the unconscious mind and find out the solution according to the child issue and make bright future of the Children. Dr. Priyanka Srivastava, she is a psychologist with over 20 Years of experience in helping and providing right suggestions for student career choice, family’s issues etc. She is a trained Psychometrical. She conducts psychology tests to grasp the power, skill, personality type, I.Q, E.Q. and so on.

child counselor in Noida

Discuss Child Developing Tenure/Child Counselor in Noida

Psychology is the same. It is all about answering the age-old question of why people think and act the way they do; which is a study that is as fascinating as it is complex. Child Counselor in Noida is just one of the most well-known psychological of the area and explores the manner which our brains and behavior advance with time. Age between 6-18 year this is middle adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development and established a sense of identity. In this stage, children became self-aware, independent and involved in the world beyond their families. Generally, a child psychologist might work with kids and their principal caregivers so as to research, assess, and possibly treat developmental troubles. So in many situation parents are not able to effectively manage their children and not able to understand the mental ability of the children. Many Psychologists and Child Counselor in Noida are providing their service for the better and healthy future of children; we have a topmost doctor in Noida for Psychologist and counseling services.

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