Parent-Child Relationship

The parent-child relationship is a core relationship in human’s life. It can be said that parents are the roots of any individual. But this relationship seems burden or we can say that it gets stressful especially during adolescence. Parent-child relationship problems lead to a major disturbance in life for both the parent as well as the child.

Problems faced by parents with a teenage child:

Your teen dislikes you: Does your child says that you don’t know anything? Or asks you not to come along? Then, dear parent, your teen is getting allergic to you.
Prolonged sadness or anger: Your child gets annoyed every time you try to speak to him/her? It can be a prolonged sadness or anger, which you need to sort it out as soon as possible.
Fear of drinking, smoking, and drug addiction: Generally, parents are more concerned about the peers their teens are connected. Because they believe in what monkey sees monkey does.
Staying out too late: There is again one more problem which we generally see in parent-child relationship psychology that parents do get irritated when their children stay out for too long. It’s natural because you are the parent you will be worried about the child but your parent-child relationship gets disturbed due to this.

This is a list of problems faced by children during teenage
Mood swings
Peer pressure
Being misunderstood by Parents
Academic Pressure
Teenage Pregnancy

Factors affecting Parent-child relationship:

These are the 3 points which can affect parent-child relationships:

Parent’s Divorce: Child-parent relationships after divorce generally get disturbed as sometimes a single parent is not sufficient to fulfill the needs of the child.
Sibling relation: Sibling jealousy can affect parent-child relationship as sometimes teenagers start thinking that parents are partial.
Parent’s understanding: Sometimes parents fail to accept the sudden changes in the lifestyle of the new generation.