We all have heard the term “stress”. I know this word sounds dreadful as no one wants a stressful life or stressful things around them. But little stress is important for life because some works are always done under pressure and motivate you to do your best. Still, if you find yourself frazzled and overwhelmed, it’s time to take serious action to bring your nervous system back into balance.

What is Stress?

Stress in psychology can be defined as a feeling of being overloaded or pressurized. It may lead to other abnormal or impaired functioning of a bodily system or organ as well. For example, most of the students feel stress during exams because he or she have to study a lot of content in a shorter time of period which leads to a mental pressure. Likewise, an employee also gets stressed out when there is a heavy workload.

Causes of Stress:-

  • Family issues
  • Job-related issues
  • Financial matters
  • Health Issues
  • Lack of time Etc

What happens when we are stressed?

  • Blood pressure rises
  • Breathing becomes more rapid
  • Digestive system gets affected
  • Heart rate rises
  • Immune system goes down
  • Muscles become tense
  • Sleep pattern gets disturbed


We can also elaborate effects on us-

Possible effects of stress on your body:
A High amount of sweating, back aches, chest pain, child obesity, cramps or muscle spasms, erectile dysfunction, Fainting spells, nausea, High cholesterol, high blood pressure, low immunity against diseases, Nail biting, Nervous twitches, Pins and needles, Sleeping difficulties, issues in digestion, Diarrhea.

Possible effects of stress on your thoughts and feelings:
Anger, anxiety, Burnout, Depression, Feeling of insecurity, Forgetfulness, Irritation, Issues in concentrating, Restlessness, Sadness, Fatigue.

Possible effects of stress on your behavior:
Eating more, Eating less, Food cravings, Sudden anger outbursts, Drug abuse, Alcohol abuse, Higher tobacco consumption, Social withdrawal, Frequent crying, Relationship problems.

Stress Management

It is an act or process through which you can control the stress level and the effects of stress on you. Stress Management is all about how you deal with your emotions, pressures, thoughts and much more. But it doesn’t matter how hard life is to live. There is always a way to emerge out from any stressful situation. If we again take the example of a student during his or her exams, if a student can manage his/her stress then he might be able to study in ease and achieve his goal much faster. There are many other ways to deal with stress and one of the best is to take a counseling session and work on it. There are many ways to work on your stress like self-help books, nutrition, exercises etc.