Time Management

Do you Know what is Time management?

Time management is known as a process to plan and organize time in a way to complete your daily tasks with ease or through which you can save your energy.The more you manage the time, more you save your energy. In brief, to use your time effectively or productively.

In a day, it seems that we never have enough time as we all get the same 24 hours. But the question always revolve in our mind that how some people achieve so much more in the same hours? The answer lies in Good time Management.

Let’s talk about different categories of activities through which you can easily manage the time.

  • Work related activities
  • Leisure activities
  • Necessary activity

We can illustrate these classifications to explain, how we can plan out or manage our time:
A student has many activities to perform in a single day.These are the activities which a student needs to perform and have only 24 hours:
Sleeping, brushing, eating, watching TV, listening to music, learning to drive, homework, sleep in afternoon, school, playing football.

Work-related activities Leisure activities Necessary activities
Homework, study, project, learning to drive, swimming classes, school etc Sleeping in afternoon, watching t.v, listening to music, playing football. Eating, brushing, sleeping in the night, bathing.

After categorizing each activity, we can simply organize these activities and plan these in a form of timetable.

Who needs time management?

Everybody needs time management. Time is something which is a stress factor among youngsters.They have a lot of activities lined up but have less time and energy.Time management helps to complete that.Housewives as well need time management to complete all their tasks to that every work is done within a time limit. More of anxiety is due to failure of tasks to be completed in a day spam.We can go through it with the help of the counselor. Dr. Priyanka Srivastava may guide you about the tools and methods you can use to manage your time be stress-free.You can be more effective and efficient in your work only when you are stress-free and that can only be possible when you are on Time.

It’s a true statement that time is money because nobody can afford to be late and lose an opportunity.